Monday, March 18, 2013

hey guys xx

sorry it has once again been foreverrr since i last posted... no exuses, really ;) but i just wanted to do a quick update!

first of all, i knowww y'all are waiting on the video of me singing! and i'm sorry it's taken me sooo long, but i promise you i'm working on posting it! i'm not able to get the original video of me singing it at the talent show, but i'm gonna film it {today} hopefully and then post it really soon!

i thought i'd just post some random funny pictures... WARNING: these pictures are basically for Directioners... so if you don't understand most of the pics, it's because they're basically "Directioners Only" ;)


story of my life ;)

Omg, this is soooo unbelievably true....
yep, i've already made it public to my family that from now on i'm talking in a british accent ;)
Love y'all
Isabelle xx