Saturday, September 29, 2012

And we went to a homecoming game last night...

getting in the sport mood!
The game!

Haha, I love catching people of guard!
Hahhaha! Yes, I'm the loving sister everyone wants! *Jeff*
And I was awarded the Artsy Award by my lovely sister, Noelle!
1. Skirts or Jeans? Jeans, unless it's a cute, short skirt!
2. Cats or dogs? dogs!

3. Cows or horses? cows! they're so cute!

4. Wood floors or carpet? carpet is more comfy, but wood floors don't get as dirty!

5. Rain or sun? SUN!! Totally!

And I award!
Have a great day!
Isabelle <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't done a post in awhile, but I've been really enjoying spending time with my grandparents! We've had so much fun!

They arrived on Saturday evening, so during the day Noelle and I had to clean up our room for them to stay in! If you knew what our room was like, you would know that it takes ALL DAY! I think u know that, ReAnne ;)

Here's what I looked like after Noelle and I had a fight (: I got Noelle first, then she beat me with a stinky trash bag! She squished it RIGHT on my face, and it stunk SO BAD! haha
On Sunday, we went to Bass Pro Shop! It was sorta fun (: Here are some pics!
This is me (so excited!) on a HUGE boat that had carpeting, a toilet, couches, and EVERYTHING!

After we took these pics, I didn't know this old grumpy guy had been watching me the whole time, and when I looked over at him, he was like "are ya gonna take a picture of me too?!" Ugh, it was embarrassing (:

On Monday, we had a "girls day out" with our grandma (nana)! It was so fun! Here are some pictures from that!
And guess who we got our picture with?! When I saw him I started rushing towards him with my camera, then the security guards grabbed me and drug me away, then, thru the noise, Justin yelled "let her get a picture with me", then the security guards let me go, and I got a picture with the beloved Justin Bieber! Haha (: And btw, I'm not that short, I was leaning over ;)
My yummy starbucks frappe! I think it was called pumpkin spice! Yumm (:
I'll definitely post more picture when I have the time, but I think I have to go now!
Isabelle <3

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi Guys!

I'm sorry to be doing a post SO soon after my last one, but right now is the only time I'm able to cram it in! haha
Anyways, tomorrow my grandparents are coming! They're going to be staying for about a week, and I CAN'T wait! We're probably going to be going to this thing called the "Field Day of the Past".... it's kinda like the state fair, only it has more antiques and that type stuff (: I can't really explain it good!
So, anyways, I probably won't be able to get on the computer a lot while they're here, so this miiiight be the last post for a few days!

On another subject, I'm gonna be hosting a photo challenge! I know it seems like everyone has been hosting a photo challenge, so I've been inspired!
The theme is "That Awkward Moment When...", so you try to capture a picture related to that! It could be anything... awkward, that is! Haha (: I wish I had a "example" picture, but I wasn't able to get one yet! But I had an idea in mind, just didn't get to taking it!

So here are the rules!

  1. The picture must be the title "That Awkward Moment When..."
  2. You can only enter 1 picture
  3. After you've finished the picture, you must post it on your blog, then comment on my blog with the link to the picture!
Have fun!

Isabelle <3

Ohhhh, ps: I was tagged by Emmy with the Leibster award... again! So here are her questions!

1. Skydiving or snorkeling? Skydiving!

2. Favorite flower? rose... or peony!

3. Second favorite color? Lime-green

4. What do you think came first, the chicken or the egg? uhhh.... are there any "wrong" answers?! haha (: um, I'm gonna say the chicken?!

5. Winter or summer? SUMMER! TOTALLY!

6. Favorite artist or band? can I say both?! Ok, Lecrae and Third Day

7. Black or white? both!

8. Polka dots or stripes? Polka Dots!

9. Stars or hearts? hearts (:

10. Favorite book? ohhhh, idk?!
11. What color are your eyes? brown/olive

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey everyone!

This post miiiight be kinda long, because I have lots of different topics that I'm gonna be/and have wanted to be covering!

Fiiirst of all, Annabelle's birthday was last Tuesday! She turned 5! I can't believe she's so grown up... honestly, she is one of my bestest friends! I think some of my personality, and my sister's, has rubbed off on her, so she acts (and talks!) like a teenager! It's so cute! And she has a great fashion sense... she picks out the most adorb outfits all by herself! She has the sweetest little personality and I love her to death!
Here are a few pictures from her birthday!

In front of the Shake it Up bunny!

Okay, can't you spot Gabe?!
And I was awarded a few more times with the Leibster award! I'm just gonna answer everyone's questions, instead of doing the whole thing over again! And I apologize if I forgot to answer anyone's questions, but I was tagged so many times, I can't remember all of them! But please comment if I did forget you!

Lauricia's questions!
1. Plaid or Polka Dots? Polka Dots
2. Favourite singer? Lecrae
3. Curls or straight? hmmmm, maybe curls!
4. How old are you? almost 14
5. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? CHOCOLATE!
6. Unusual Talent? ummm, I dooon't think I have one! haha
7. What colour are your eyes? brown/olive
8. Do you want to get married? YES, OH YES, OH YES, OH YES! haha
9. Rap or Country? ... rap
10. What was the last thing you said to a stranger? (haha.) i have NOOOO idea!
11. Last song you listened to? The Saving One by Starfield

Emma-Lee's questions!
1. Favourite colour? Blue
2. Favourite snack? anything chocolate!
3. circles or squares? circles
4. What was the riskiest thing you've ever done? a huge ride at the Field Day of the Past... it was dangerous cuz it was HUGE, and didn't look very good quality! haha
5. Last song you listened to? The Saving One by Starfield
6. Song stuck in your head? Jesus In Diguise
7. Most annoying video on You Tube? the Annoying Orange
8. How many siblings? 6
9. Favourite celeb? if any? is Carrie Underwood a celeb?
10. Favourite movie? Mirror Mirror
11. Where would your dream vacation be? HAWAII!

Miss Hatcher's questions!
1) What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Dolphin
2) What is your favorite Jane Austen movie, and why? is Emma a Jane Austen movie? if so, it would be that!
3)What is your favorite Elizabeth Gaskell movie, and why? no sure!
4) What is your favorite John Wayne movie, and why? I don't really like John Wayne... but my dad does!
5)What is your favorite movie, and why? Mirror Mirror, cuz it's whimsical and fun!
6) What is the best book you've ever read? not suree
7) What is something most people don't know about you? I love watching weird videos of toddlers on Youtube... like poopy ones and stuff like that! lol
8) What is your favorite pasta dish? Lasagna
9) Cooking or baking? Or both? BAKING!
10) What is the funniest thing you did or said when you were little? I put a dead lizard in my mouth! haha
11) What was the best vacation/trip of your life? Florida or Michigan... or Canada!

Well, that's all the time I have now!

Isabelle <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sometimes life can be frustrating...
Sometimes it feels like everything and everyone is against you, and that you're in this all alone.
Sometimes it feels like you're drowning in the rain, and you feel like you can't get out of it,
Sometimes, you question if God is even there... if He even cares about you... if He even knows you exist.

Everyone feels this way sometimes, but NO MATTER WHAT, God is always going to be with you! No matter what the storm or the pain that this life might bring, you will always, always have a true friend to lean on, and talk to, and cry out to...God.

I know it can feel like the pain just lasts and lasts, and you can't see clearly thru the cloud above you...but, sometimes, God uses the hurt, and pain, and rain in your life for good! Maybe, just maybe, He's using it to draw you closer to Him. :) Have you ever thought of that?! Just keep waiting... God will somehow make everything clear... or maybe you need to look at things thru a different perspective :)

Here's a song I love... I hope it will encourage you :)

2 Corinthians 9:8- And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.
Isabelle <3 Btw: Thanks everyone for voting on my poll! The results were 12 on True, and 4 on False... and the answer is False! I recently found out that he has a giiirlfriend... so I'm kiiinda giving him the "silent treatment"! haha :) But I still really like his music :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday my younger sister, Noelle, started ballet lessons! She's been wanting to take ballet for sooo long, but for awhile she wasn't able to. But NOW she is! She's so excited!
Here are a couple pics of her in her new ballet outfit... it looked a lot prettier once she got her ballet shoes and everything on with it, but I just wanted to get a quick pic!

And here's what I did in the car while mom picked Noelle up from ballet :)

Gettin' into my mama's sunglasses! lol :)


And here was my view the whole ride home... boring :) hahaa
Well, sorry it's SO short, but I need to go!
Isabelle <3

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday we had a really fun day up in the mountains! First we went to a walking park, then we drove up on a mountain to a place called the Apple Barn... it's a quaint little barn right on top of a mountain, and it's just like a little country store inside, with homemade donuts, apple cider, and everything like that!
Here are some pictures!

In the car :) aaaawkward!

climbing on this big tree stump thing-y :)

The path we were walking on :)

Gabe got angry at me, and said he wasn't gonna walk with me :) lol!

Praying mantis!

Dad had the windows down in the car, so my hair was blowing! another awkward picture!

At the top of the mountain!


And here's my outfit/fashion tip of the day! You can pair casual and not-so-casual things together, and it can still be cute! I have casual jean shorts on, a not-so-casual top, and a cute belt! My shorts are from Target, my top is from Dillards, and my belt is from Claires!
Isabelle <3

Friday, September 7, 2012

"When I think of what could be
If we let our hearts believe
That it takes just one
Just one could turn this all around
And if we're living history
How will they think of you and me
If it takes just one, just one
What if, what if, what if I'm the one"

Brandon Heath

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey Everyone!
I was awarded by Myra over on!

Here are the RULES .

1. You must post eleven facts about yourself.
2. You must answer the eleveen questions the awarder has given you , and create eleven questions for your awardees to answer .
3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers.
4. Notify them that you have awarded them .

Eleven facts about myself.
1. I LOVE the color blue!
2.  I love making new friends!
3. I love to sing!
4. I will turn 14 on November 8th
5. I have six brothers and sisters!
6.  I have a pet rabbit!
7. I want to be a singer or worship leader when I'm older!
8. I LOVE sour candy!
9. I was born in Florida
10. I hate country, bluegrass, gospel, and jazz music! lol
11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup!
      Myra's questions

1. Do you wear make-up ? Yes!
2. White or Black? Black
3. Cats or dogs? Dogs
4. Whats your favorite movie or tv show? Mirror Mirror and Good Luck Charlie!
5. Summer or winter? SUMMER! ALL THE WAY!
6. Have you ever bungee jumped? nope!
7. What was the scariest ride you ever rode on? The Tornado at King's Dominion
8. Are you in band or choir ? yesss... my bff and I have a band called Key2b
9.Are you homeschooled , private schooled , or public schooled? homeshooled :)
10. Have you ever eaten mexican spiced flavored larvae? nooooo
11. Zebra striped , or leapord print? Leapord!
Here are my questions!
  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. How many siblings do you have?
  4. Do you like to sing?
  5. Do you have any pets?
  6. Black or brown?
  7. Contemporary Christian music or secular?
  8. What do you want to do when you're older?
  9. Where were you born?
  10. Do you want to get married?
  11. Do you like the color yellow?
                Now I award:
Sarah B. (
KayleeBeth (
Lauricia (
Graham (
Noelle (
Mackenzie (
ReAnne (
Have a great day guys!
Isabelle <3

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey everyone!

I'm just gonna give you an overview of my weekend with mah best friend :)

Before {ugly}eww, I look like I have a double chin!

After {still ugly}

I only put a little bit of makeup on Noelle cause she had pink eye :)

On Saturday we went on a photo shoot together! It was so fun! I'll just post a couple pics, cuz I don't have time for all of them!
My face looks kinda weird!

Isabelle <3

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post with a video my sister, best friend, and I made! It's a take on the show "What Not to Wear"! Comment and tell me what ya think!!
Btw, my best friend is the total OPPOSITE of this! She's a fashionista, she loves skinny jeans, she loves every little girly girl thing, and sleep overs, and EVERYONE! And she's BEAUTIFUL!
BTW, she made sure I told u all of this before i posted the video!
Isabelle <3