Saturday, November 19, 2011

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Ok, I FINALLY got the pix, and unless you haven't already seen, I addded a profile pic. : )

Today it was SO SO SO SO beautiful outside ( I know, I always say that, but honestly!), and it was perfect weather for being outdoors.

We and some other girls from a bookclub that I'm in went to a historical park for a tour of the mansion that is on the land... it was WONDERFUL!! The tour was great, and the house was even more so. It was all decorated for Christmas (which I LOVED!! lol), BEAUTIFUL!!

After the tour, we went out to lunch at a cafè... it was very fun! Afterwards, we had to go to tend to some friends cats again, then we went home.

Well, must go now!! : ) : )

<3 Isabelle <3

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