Thursday, January 12, 2012

At the beach!!

Anna surfin' : )

From left to right: Me, Doug, Gabe, Noelle, Jeff, our Aunt Jill, and Annabelle

Another outtake!

                                 Jeff doing a zip line "tree-top" course at the zoo! It was soooo cool! Jeff did a smaller course than the one Noelle, Doug and I did. Our's was 20 or more feet in the air : )

Noelle and I about to do the zip line : D

Noelle on the zip line!

Feeding the giraffe at the zoo

                    Noelle feeding the giraffe. The giraffe's head is 150 pounds!

                                                             Anna feeding the giraffe.

                                                                 Jeff on the course.

Well, I've gotta go now! I'll hopefully post some more pix!

<3 Isabelle <3

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