Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hello all,

This past week we were SO excited to hear that Lindsay McCaul got our family four FREE tickets to go see her, Casting Crowns, Matthew West and Royal Tailor in concert. I think I had mentioned before how we were close friends with Lindsay and her family (?). We had really wanted to go to the concert, but weren't sure how expensive it would be to bring the whole family, so we were so glad that Lindsay went out of her way to get us tickets! Thank u, Lindsay!!


                                                               Casting Crowns

                                                                 Matthew West
                                                           Mr. Royal Tailor!!!

<3 Isabelle <3


Meena said...

you know lindsay mccaul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!! i love her soooooooooooooooooooooooo much! how do you know her! could you possibly mention me to her! thank-you so much! i'm going to- to late, faint (she typed 2 min. later) but i envy you! gurrrrrrrrrr!

Isabelle said...

Hey Meena! Yep!! My older sister and her were best friends growing up!! Since she texts me, I'll try to text her about u!

Haha, did u know I was related to TobyMac?!

<3 Isabelle <3