Monday, March 19, 2012

8 fears

OK, I guess today is 8 fears...  : )

  1. heights... i don't like the feeling of being up SO HIGH above the ground
  2. snakes. one time i was outside when it was dark out, and i was bare foot holding my baby brother, and i almost stepped on a snake... yeah
  3. earthquakes... they're different from tornadoes or hurricanes because there isn't really anywhere that you can go to be safe... i mean, it's the WHOLE EARTH shaking!!
  4. my sister's giant chinchilla rabbit... honestly, it's pretty scary. haha!
  5. sharks... i LOVE surfing besides the fact that any second you could be eaten by a giant shark... haha!
  6. God... He's SO mighty and i'm SO small... there's no comparison!
  7. riding my dirt bike... i crashed in it the other day, and almost broke my leg, so yeah.
  8. driving up mountains! i guess that's about the same as heights, but i've always been so scared that the car would fall off the mountain or something

Next... 7 wants! EASY!!

<3 Isabelle <3


Matthew said...

Cool! I actually like earthquakes :P

Isabelle said...

You LIKE earthquakes???!!!

ReAnne said...

@Matthew, WHA!? Earthquakes are pretty scary...

ReAnne said...

Hehe, no offense!