Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey guys!
Sooo, i can't really think of a specific subject to post on, so i'll just write about random things : )

So, last night, Noelle, Annnabelle and I slept downstairs in our family room... Noelle and Annabelle slept on our couch, and I slept in a chair.... (fun, fun! hehe ; D) The first thing we watched when we woke up was a Brandon Heath music video... : ) Annabelle says "i'm gonna marry Brandon Heath, and Casting Crowns and Royal Tailor! (she thinks that Casting Crowns and Royal Tailor are two men... not music groups ; D haha!) But i told her she can't marry Brandon Heath, cuz i am... hahahaha! JK!

Right now, I am sitting in the family room, watching "Pair of Kings"... yeah ; )

Well, i'd better go!

<3 Isabelle <3


ReAnne said...

Hahaha, oh, you!

Isabelle said...



Isabelle Heath