Friday, April 20, 2012

Quiz : )

Hey Y'all! (OMGOSH!! I just used a country term!!! WHOA!)

Anyways, I'm gonna make a quiz, fill it out, and tag some ppl that I want to do it! Ok, here goes...

  1. How old are you? Almost 14... sorta
  2. Who's your favorite singer? (Only 1, please!) UHHH... SOOOO annoying!! Ok, BRANDON HEATH!!!
  3. Would you rather text or email? Hmmm, maybe text?!
  4. Do u have any pets? Yes... 1 rabbit : )
  5. Do u have an iPod? Yes : )
  6. Do u like 2 sing? OH YEAH!
  7. What's your favorite song? Ummm... Until the Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns
  8. Do u have your own room? Sadly, no
  9. What color is your room? Pink
  10. What's your favorite hobby? Singing and playing the piano : )

Ok, I tag ReAnne and Meena!! If u guys don't wanna do it, u can just tell me : )

<3 Isabelle <3


ReAnne said...

Ok lets see...favorite singer, GOSH, UH, can it be a music group?? Music group, Casting Crowns, singer, Britt Nicole!?

Hmm, probably email.

Yup, the family pets are 1 dog, 2 cats, and 1 snake.


10,000 Reasons

Nope! : )

Green and Pink

Singing, believing Jesus

Meena said...

thank-you! my 2nd award! i'm on a role this week!

Isabelle said...

Thx ReAnne!

Isabelle said...

SURE!!! Cool!!!