Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone has had a great {start} to the week : ) it was like 70 degrees today... {beautiful}!

Someone decided they wanted to wear glasses....

Today Gabe decided he wanted to start wearing glasses...

he's SO cute. ( :

Gabe's "new" thing is yelling "it's not FAIR" and crossing his arms when he doesn't get his way. LOL. He's so cute! It's hard not to laugh when he's angry, cause he looks cuter then ever!

Yesterday, dad brought Anna, Gabe and Jeff to the theatre to watch the new movie "Brave". They LOVED it. While they were out, mom went out in town, too, so Noelle, Doug and I stayed home.
While we were still home alone, one of Doug's friends came over and played for awhile. I wish I had never stepped a foot outside, cause after about 20 minutes, i was SOPPING wet from being sprayed with the hose (by the boys!), my hair was CrAzY from being blowed in the face with a leaf blower, and my makeup was smeared all over my face. yes. do not get in involved with your brother's friends... EVER. : )

Yesterday it stormed hard here... we turned on the tv and went to the Weather channel to watch the weather. All the channel said was that we were getting strong thunder storms, but later on we found out that we had a tornado pass right thru our area... so while we were sitting inside, acting like "no big deal" we had a tornado right now us...yeah. Next time, we need to go to our local weather channel!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


<3 Isabelle <3


Noelle said...

Hi sis!

I didn't know u had taken those snapshots of Gabe! He's so cute with Dad's glasses on : )

Love u ; )


ReAnne said...

hey ya! Hahahaha, cute pix!!

sarah b said...

Aww Gabe is so cute! :) So they liked Brave? My sister really wants to see that! I would love to see it too. :)

Isabelle said...

yeah : )

wuv u!!!

Isabelle said...

hey ya!! thanks! : )

Isabelle said...

yeah : ) yeah, they loved it!! cool!! i really wanna c it 2!

Anonymous said...

Hi Isabelle!

You have a very cute lil bro. I know what its like, trying not to laugh when their doing something they shouldn't be, but its still funny. My little brother gives me "the smolder" from Tangled all the time!

Touchdowns are CREEPY! I was at a wedding somewhere in the states, and was actually sleeping outside when there was one!

God bless,

Isabelle said...


Thanks!! yeah! awww, that's so cute! my brother LOVES Tangled!

I know! Whoa!! That would be TERRIBLE!!!