Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I'm sorry it's been SO long since I last posted, but life has been busy : )

Tonight my younger brothers and sisters are going VBS, but I'm staying home : ) they LOVE vbs. = D

Lately I've been thinking about the matter of judging... it's SO easy to judge other people! And it doesn't even have to be something big... the way they dress, the way they talk, anything. How many times have you seen a person who from the outside looked like a sinful person? And you right away thought "can you imagine hanging out with that type of person?" I had an experience a few months ago that has changed my perspective SO much.

My mom had brought my friend, sister and brothers to a thing called the Bethlehem Walk. A local church puts it on once a year around Christmas time, and we almost always go to it. It's like a whole tour of Bethlehem... they have all the sets and props and people dressed up as authentic people from that time. You basically get to walk thru and watch the life of Jesus! It's cool.
After the whole "tour", you go into a BIG tent, and they have counselors and people from the church there to give you drinks and food, and pray with/talk to anyone who needs it. My friend and brother and I were sitting there with hot chocolate, when an african-american man came over to talk to us. From the outside you could've guessed he was a gangster,.. saggy pants, leather jacket, earrings, big chain necklaces... but then I saw that he had a nametag on that said "counselor",and once he started talking, all of my thoughts switched around. He started talking about Jesus, and asking us if we were Christians, and how it is so important to have him as your personal friend and savior. He was s.o. nice. He went on to talk about how "cool" Jesus is, and how we need to talk/pray to him every day. it was so cool.
So every since then, I try to look at people thru a different light. No, it doesn't mean that every person that you see is going to be a Christian, but it also doesn't mean a person isn't going to be a Christian from the way they look.

On Saturday, mom brought me and my sisters and little brother to the mall to do some shopping. It was fun going into all the little stores, and having some "girl time". When we were done at the mall we got into the car to go to another store. When we all got in, mom noticed that the driver and passenger seat of the car were pushed way forward, and we hadn't done it. The next thing that mom noticed was that the air conditioning had been turned all the way to HOT... and yes, we hadn't done that either. Mom's first thought was that my little brother Gabriel had done it, but he's wayyy to small to push the seats forward, and he hadn't been up in the front of the car to be able to change the air conditioning. So then mom tried to remember if she had left the car unlocked, but she said she automatically locks it every time. So, we just tried to shake it off, and think "no big deal", and move on. So, we drove to the next store, and mom went inside and left us in the car with the air conditioner on. So, by then we had forgotten about the stuff that had happened, and we were just casually talking. Then I turned on the radio and my favorite song by TobyMac was playing, so I cranked the volume wayyy up. Then I turned around and started talking to Noelle, when it seemed like the song was A LOT quieter. I turned around to see what was going on... the volume had turned all the way down on it's own! So, by then I was a liiiitle bit freaked out, but trying to stay calm. But there was no way that it was my little brother or sister that had turned the volume down, cuz they were in the back of the car in their car seats! So then, Noelle started getting freaked out...REALLY freaked out. Then, right in perfect timing, my little sis Anna said she REALLY needed to go to the bathroom, so I had to bring her into the store, which was NOT good timing! So I brought her to the bathroom, then came back out to the car. Noelle had turned the engine off, so it was getting kinda hot, so I turned it back on. I was tryyying to forget about the whole thing, when all of a sudden the wind-shield wipers turned on! And we had NOT turned them on. Yeaahhh, by then both Noelle and I were screaming! And to makes matters worse, I had to try and be funny, and started to do a weird face, (as Noelle described it, "ghost face"lol) and Noelle got mad and threw a big plastic bottle at me, and it hit my mouth and gashed my lip. So, mom comes into the car with me crying and holding a blood soaked napkin, Noelle crying, Gabe screaming, and the wind shield wipers going. Yeah. It was quite a scene.
So, I hope you don't think that story was supposed to sound superstitious or anything like that, but it was a liiitle creepy!
So, with that all said and done, I'll close this up.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

<3 Isabelle <3


sarah b said...

Thanks for the story about judging - that really inspired me! You have a lot of wisdom!!!

And wow... that car story is creepy! I think your car has a mind of it's own, haha.

Megan said...

Oh wow!! That sounds pretty funny from this end of it, but I'm sure it was definitely NOT funny then!:) yikes...I would have been so creeped out!

Noelle said...

You did the post perfectly, Issy, to describe it....spoooky! Love ya : )

P.S. sorry about the plastic bottle....u spooked me out ; )

Isabelle said...

Sure! I'm glad u liked it! thankks!

I KNOW, right?!! hahahaaa!

Isabelle said...

I know!! it was SOOO creepy!! haha!

Isabelle said...

haha, shankks!

and it's ok : )