Monday, August 13, 2012

60 Follower Giveway

Hey Everyone!

I'm going to be hosting a give-away when I reach 60 followers! Right now I have 55 followers, so only 5 more to go! Here is a button for it, if you want to put it on your blogs :)

Thanks guys! I'll try to do a longer post next time :)

<3 Isabelle <3


Lissa xo said...

Oh how exciting! Can't wait to play!

Zoƫ said...

Oh, cool! That's so exciting that youre almost are to 60!

ReAnne said...

Great! Have u checked ur email latley? I miss you, talk soon,


Isabelle said...


Isabelle said...

Thanks! i know! thanks for commenting!!

Isabelle said...

: ) not really... but i will in a min! same here :)