Friday, August 24, 2012

I did the raffle for the giveway last night, and drew 2 winners! And they are...
Sarah B.
Miss Hatcher
Congrats, guys! You can choose what bracelets you want out of these choices:
1 Lime Green bracelet and 1 silver bracelet
1 Hot Pink bracelet and 1 silver bracelet
1 Hot Orange bracelet and 1 silver bracelet
1 White bracelet and 1 silver bracelet
2 Silver bracelets

You can email me at and send me your address!

Guess who went running?!
No makeup. Nothing special. Just got up and went running :)
I highly dislike running, but I heard that running is really good for your health (duh!), and your skin, so I tried it! I ran about a mile or two on Wednesday, then I ran about a mile yesterday :)And in between running, I've been eating vegetable and fruit salads, drinking a ton of water, and taking Zinc pills! yeah, I'm trying to get perfect skin :)
I think you guys had said that you wanted to see a before-and-after of my hair, so I took a few pictures! They came out kinda blurry, but I think it will give you a prettty good idea!

So there ya go!
I haven't done a Fashion Tip post in a long time! Sorry about that :) Anyways, I might as well do one now!
When you curl you hair, it's usually a good idea to strait iron it first. That way your hair will be looser and glossier, and easier to work with. Then just ad a loose curl at the ends of you hair.
Sorry it's so short!
Have a great day!
Isabelle <3



*Lizzie* said...

Oh your hair is very pretty! :) And long too! My hair is like the same length as your hair! ;)

sarah b said...

YAY I won!! :D Thanks, Isabelle! And your hair is so pretty! It is really hard to straighten my hair because it's super thick, but I love to straighten it. :D Your hair is such a pretty color. Did you get highlights or anything?

Jenn said...

What gorgeous hair you have!

Rachel said...

Hi Isabelle! You said you love to sing in your profile; I will sometimes sing with cd's and the radio! Do you ever do that? What kind of music do you like to sing?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Isabelle, what a beauty you are! No make-up, your just as gorgeous, Straight or curly your hair is just beautiful.

You are so gorgeous! =)

I'm about to do a post on getting really nice skin for your face, you might like it if your trying different stuff. Its helped me a ton! (That would be on my beauty blog.)

ReAnne said...

U look so cute w/ ur straigtened hair!
Love ya

ReAnne said...

P.S. Can't wait 2 c u next weekend!!

Rebecca Pearl said...

Hey! Thanks for the tip! Is it too late to enter?

Isabelle said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, i've been growing it out for a while! cool! I'm sure yours is beautiful, too! Thanks for the comment!

Isabelle said...

Yay! : ) Thank you!! Oh... my hair is SO thick, it's unbelievable! Thanks! Yes, my sister and I highlighted it! It was fun talking to u on the phone the other day! God bless!

Isabelle said...

Aw, thank you!!

Isabelle said...

Hi Rachel! Yes, i do!! Cool! Yes, i do that ALL the time! I love to sing mostly Contemporary Christian music! Thx for the comment!!

Isabelle said...

Aw, thank you so much! You're way way way too sweet! You're gorgeous, too!

Cool! Thanks, i'll definitely need to read it!!

Thx 4 the comment!

Isabelle said...

Aw, thank u babeee!! i wuv u more!

Isabelle said...

ME TOOOO!!! btw, we went to Claires today and got all the stuff we'll need for the slumber party!! yayhooo!!

Isabelle said...

Hi! Sure, i'm glad u liked it! Oh, i'm sorry, but i drew the winners a few nights ago :( but i'm sure i be hosting plenty more giveways in the future!

Rebecca Pearl said...

Okay! thanks! you gave me the idea to do a giveayway sometime...