Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday we had a really fun day up in the mountains! First we went to a walking park, then we drove up on a mountain to a place called the Apple Barn... it's a quaint little barn right on top of a mountain, and it's just like a little country store inside, with homemade donuts, apple cider, and everything like that!
Here are some pictures!

In the car :) aaaawkward!

climbing on this big tree stump thing-y :)

The path we were walking on :)

Gabe got angry at me, and said he wasn't gonna walk with me :) lol!

Praying mantis!

Dad had the windows down in the car, so my hair was blowing! another awkward picture!

At the top of the mountain!


And here's my outfit/fashion tip of the day! You can pair casual and not-so-casual things together, and it can still be cute! I have casual jean shorts on, a not-so-casual top, and a cute belt! My shorts are from Target, my top is from Dillards, and my belt is from Claires!
Isabelle <3


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Gal :)

Isabelle Renee said...

aw, thank ya, darlin'! haha! U are gorgeous!

Alexandrea Brewer said...

I love your blog too! I'm following yours! Could ya follow me back?

Isabelle Renee said...

Thank u! Thanks! done, and done!

Isabelle <3

ReAnne said...

Ur so pretty!!! love ya

Isabelle Renee said...

Aw, thank ya boogie!! (haha, i KNOW u luv it when i call u that! lol) i wuv u more!