Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today is my dear friend, Parker's birthday! So, I wanted to write a post dedicated to her.


Dear Parker,
Today is your birthday! you're 14! Yay! You are one of the best friends I've ever had, and I love you so much! you're the one that I can talk to on the phone at almost 11:00 at night, tell all my little problems to, cry with, laugh with, get much needed advice from, email back and forth 24/7, talk about our "boy problems", get in an argument about who's prettier (hehe!), tell all my secrets to, tell you i love you in EVERY email i send you, and just be myself with.
You are SO beautiful... Inside AND out! And even though I've never even met you in "real life",  I 'm hoping and praying that I will soon! But i know that I will someday! I'm SO looking forward to that day... when we can run up to eachother and hug eachother until we can't breath... haha :)
I love you SO much, and I hope you have the best birthday EVER!!

Love you, babe :)

Isabelle <3


Kimberly said...


you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met! THANK YOU!!!!! I love you so much and you are seriously SO beautiful! I REALLY HOPE we meet!!! WEE WILL THO! love u babe and thank you so much!!!!!!

Sierra said...

Awwww friends like that are the kind that make life fun and hard time bearable! Friends are great and I hope your friend has a wonderful birthday! xoxox, Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

*Lizzie* said...

Awww! So sweet. Best friends are big blessings. There are not many out there so I'm glad you found a fun and awesome bff :) Happy Birthday Parker! Hope it's an awesome and special one for ya! :)
Too cool that you've never met each other but are still best friends! Love it! ;) Did you guys "meet" through blogging? I met my old bff at a graduation party and we kept in touch then we became best friends through emailing! It was neat! We only have visited each other two other times and it was super cool! We're not that close anymore...but it's cool that through either meeting once or even through blogging you can find your best friend <3
Merry Christmas! God bless!

Emma-lee said...

This is so sweet! Happy Birthday Parker :)

sarah b said...

aww love this. those kinds of friends are the best. :D

Kimberly said...
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Parker said...

BTW, I love love love the pic Issy. Love u!!!


Anonymous said...

Awww.....So cute. Happy Birthday, girl!