Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{{{Christmas Planning}}}

Hi guys!

The cooler weather lately has gotten me more into the Christmas mood...
Tonight we made this December calender... it's so cute!! It is hand-made, and for each day of December we have an envelope with a little card inside that say's something to do that day. Ex,. "eat popcorn balls...tell stories around the fireplace." It doesn't have t be BIG drastic things for the days, the little things are really fun too.

I made an account on Youtube, and I only have one video on there so far. My channel is, so you can check me out there. Oh, and guess who became one of my FIRST friends on there?! Jamie Grace!! I couldn't believe it. 2 days after I made my account, Jamie Grace added herself as my friend... I thought it was so cool!

Finally, some of the sicknesses in are house are going away, but my dad still has a cold, and I have had a cough.

Some friends and my sister and I are making a Christian pop/contemporary music group... any name ideas??!! We had thought of Revolution, but then found out there is already a Christian group with that name... so right now we're kinda just trying to think of one. I thought of Consumed, like a verse in the bible (don't know the reference!) that say's God is like a consuming fire. I've been trying to think of names that work around that verse.

Also, I am currently working on a song that goes along with a chapter (I think!) in the bible. I've been having trouble remebering the whole chapter by ITSELF, so I thought, "why not just make a song out of it?!" Cuz if u knew how many songs I know by memory...

Well, must go for now... and keep a watch for new videos on my account on Youtube!!

<3 Isabelle <3

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