Thursday, December 8, 2011

{{{Christmas Fun!!}}}

Hey Guys!!
Sorry I've gotten so far behind again... we've been really busy ( I know, the same excuse every time! LOLOL)

This Saturday I have a Christmas piano recital... I have been taking lessons for almost 4 years now... I REALLY enjoy it!

My sister Noelle's birthday is this month on the 15th. She wanted to do something really special, so she decided she wanted to go to a Christian concert. We found out that a singer that our family REALLY likes is going to be near us the day before her birthday, so she wanted to go to that. We're so excited!!

Well, sorry it's so short, but I have to go now!!

<3 Isabelle <3


Artsy Mermaid said...

who's concert r u guys going 2?

Isabelle said...

we're going to a Keith and Krystin (sp?) Getty concert : )

Loretta Benedict said...

I love Kandee.. plus at the there I love you.. plus come once more? I love the the bulk is so as to you're a christian and you make that a priority in your life.Christian tv
all the best
Your sister in Christ