Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{{{ The Usual Happenings...}}}

Hey Everyone : )

The weather is SO pretty out this morning, even though when I looked out thru the skylight I have in my room, I noticed almost all the leaves are off the trees, and everything now looks grey and dark outside : (
Next month after Christmas we're going to our grandparents house, YAY!! We RARELY get to go to FL (which is where they live), so we're very excited ; - )

We've been having sicknesses in our house for a few weeks... just allergies. I got it for about a week (still kinda have it) and the rest of the family got it too. But we're getting over it, so that's good! : )

I'll try to post pictures VERY soon, but for now I have to go!!

<3 Isabelle <3

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