Monday, November 14, 2011

{{{What's Been Goin' on}}}

Hey Guys!!

We've have been REALLY enjoying this weather!! ; ) I's so pretty for mid-November.
We've been pretty busy, which is normal for us. On Saturday, we went running on a trail at a park near us... it was GORGEOUS outside!! And we've been CrAzY busy with birthdays and stuff like that. Tonight we're going to a "Open-House" at our new dentist... fun! lolol.

Yesterday we went to church and aferwards our family stayed and chatted and played with the other ppl. It was fun : D

Last week was my birthday... it was gr8!! I got a iPod/MP3 player, as well as a Chris Tomlin music book! *YAY*!! haha.

Well, anyway, I think I'll finish this post with a song that I LOVE! I hope u enjoy~

<3 Isabelle <3

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