Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey Guys!!

I just wanted to talk about a singer that I REALLY enjoy!!

First of all...

Lindsay McCaul

She's a new singer, who's been touring with Casting Crowns, The Afters and Sanctus Real in the Come to the Well tour. What is really special is that my (our) family grew up with her and her family, so we are very close to them. We are SO excited of how far she has come with her music.
Her first album is coming out January of 2012. I can't wait to get it! I already purchased a WOW Next and Next album with new arstists on it. It has her song "Come Rest" featured on it.
My favorite songs of her's would have to be "You Never Change" and "Say My Name". "Come Rest" comes right after those. You can purchase 4 of her songs on iTunes.
Also you can find her on Twitter (@LindsayMcCaul) Facebook (LindsayMccaulMusic) Myspace (lindsaymccaul) and on her official website
I'll try to write another post soon, on another singer. But for now...

<3 Isabelle <3

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