Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10,000 Reasons


ReAnne said...

That is really cool that you posted that, they sang this song at the revival I told you about. I LOVE IT!!!

Isabelle said...

Cool! I was listening to the radio on my iPod the other night, and I heard this song, and I REALLY recognized it! I KNOW that I have heard it somewhere before, but i just can't seem to recall where it was! It's annoying!

Noelle said...

I know sis, the song has been bugging you : ) I know you're annoyed, i was in the same room with u....JK! U know i'm kidding, u've gotten me into thinking about it late into the night, like last night, all of a sudden an idea of when we may have heard it just popped into my head, and i even wrote it down. HAHA!

Noelle : )