Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey! : )

Right now I am sitting in the house, watching my brothers play football outside. It is like 90 degrees today, and i can't believe i'm wearing jeans! And i'm not even hot! : )

Tomorrow are my piano lessons, and on Wednesday we're going to a family movie night at church. They're playing The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, and everyone can come with their pillows and pajamas on... yeah, i think i'm gonna pass on that part ; D

Well, gotta go : )

<3 Isabelle <3


Matthew said...

That is an awesome movie, I really like it.

Isabelle said...

Cool! I can't wait to see it, then! : )

ReAnne said...

I've never seen it, let me know how it is please!

Isabelle said...

Sure!! and I have one question... should i wear my pajamas or not? : ) hehe