Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is HERE!!


Summer is FINALLY here! It made a grand arrival at 97 degrees! Yeah... very hot!
Later this evening ,we're going to the pool. Hopefully the water won't be warm, like it was a LOT of the time last summer : )

Ok, so here's the fashion tip of the week! (for the girls... since I don't think these tips would come in handy for a boy! : ))

Your outfits don't always have to be "matchy matchy"... right now, layering different styles and colors together is the "in" thing. So if you have a sparkly top, and a neutral colored skirt, you could actually wear those together, if you had like a pair of leggings that could pull it all together.

                         Here's an outfit I designed here : )

The outfit above isn't really what I was talking about, but right now vintage type clothes is really popular... and your whole outfit doesn't HAVE to be JUST vintage for it to LOOK vintage... Here's an example : ) So you can layer different styles, like I had been talking about above.

clothes 2

Here's another one... this one has more of the "mix-matchy" style, and it can be casual AND nice : )

Well, hope you guys enjoyed!!

<3 Isabelle <3


Mackenzie Mangin said...

The first outfit is gorgeous!!!!!!!

sarah b said...

I love both! I would love to own that british flag shirt. :D

ReAnne said...

Cool! Thanks 4 the tip!

Isabelle said...

thanks! i like it too!

Isabelle said...

thanks! me too!! i love it!!

Isabelle said...

: ) sure!!