Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thank you ALL for entering in the photo-contest!! I looked at each and every one of your entries, and I love them all!! In my last post I forgot to give more details, but the contest is open until November 3rd, and the winner will be interviewed on my blog!

I hope everyone has/had a happy halloween! we were hoping to go to a trunk-or-treat, but now almost everyone in my family has whooping cough! which isn't fun :)
And thank you everyone for voting on my poll! I'm going to try to upload a video of myself singing SOON, but like I said, I have whooping cough, so my voice is not that magnificent! haha :)

So, I guess I'll do a fashion tip!

After you've washed your hair, try not to blow-dry it. That can take all the moister out of your hair, and it can make it dry and have split ends. So, unless you're in a hurry to go somewhere or something, try to pull your hair up, and let it dry by itself :)

Also, I'm going to recommend some of my favorite face washes!

This is one of my FAVORITE face washes EVER! It makes your skin perfectly soft and glow :)
Aaand, a natural face mask I use is just plain oatmeal! Just make a regular batch of oatmeal (old-fashioned!), and let it cool down for a minute. Then, just spread it all over your face, and let it dry. It takes about 10-15 minutes to dry, then, rinse your face off with warm water! It makes your skin SOOOO smooth and soft... it's really nice, and It's one of my all time favorites!
And, another facial home-remedy is just honey and cinnamon! Just mix together enough honey and cinnamon to cover your face... about 1/4 cup of honey, and 3-4 tablespoons of cinnamon. Spread it on your face, and keep it on for about an hour. It doesn't dry, so don't wait for it to! Rinse your face with warm water. The honey makes your face glow, and the cinnamon just helps clear any blemishes :)
Well, hope you guys enjoyed, and I hope some of the tips come in handy ;)
Isabelle <3


Kimberly said...

Thanks girl for posting!!!!! I'm gonna try that face cleanser!!!! Love u, Parker

Emma-lee said...

Get well Soon!

Rebecca Rae said...

I LOVE honey masks! Now I'll have to try it with the cinnamon...
Hope you get get better soon!!

Purple Pixie said...

I use Saint Ives and I love it! Oh, and I awarded you!

♥ Purple Pixie

Lauricia said...

Get better Issy!

Rebecca Pearl said...

Look who got awarded? :)

Myra said...

I am excited to learn who won!!!! I want to try that face wash !!!!!

Myra McGrath