Friday, November 2, 2012

Have a laugh Friday :)

Yes, I found all of these on Facebook :) haha, ENJOY <3


Hehe, so true ;D

Yesss... This is the way EVER SINGLE one of my brother's game's are :) lol

Haha, I saw this on Brandon Heath's twitter :)


Rebecca Pearl said...

Love that last pic, and the video game pic, but they are ALL so funny :)

Jess said...

Hi! :) I love your blog!

~ Jess

Rebecca Pearl said...

Wow! I just saw ur new side thingys, and I didn't know you have another blog - I love it!

Kimberly said...

These are so funny!!! Love u

Erin said...

These a so true ;) haha!

Following you via GFC now girl! Love your heart.



Alayna said...

Hey Isabelle,
I was just thinking about something...I've seen both you and Noelle talking about there being 7 kids in your family on your blogs, but I was only aware of 6: Doug, You, Noelle, Jeff, Annabelle, and I missing someone? :) Just wondering :P

Isabelle Renee said...

Hi! Ohh, yeah! it's probably kinda confusing! Yes, i have one older sister, but she doesn't live in the home anymore :)

Hannah Girl said...

Good Grief...That last pict is hilarious! :P haha

Jovita said...

I could so imagine my dad being like the dad in the picture. Oh well, I guess it's nice to be protected;) Thanks for following my blog by the way!